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Arboretum San Antonio in the News

Welcome to the San Antonio Arboretum Insights, your exclusive source for the buzz about our local arboretum. 

07/17/2023  San Antonio plans transformation of old golf course into state's largest arboretum [Read more...]

By: Mariza Mendoza

06/07/2023  What to know about the arboretum in San Antonio's Southeast Side [Read more...]

By: Priscilla Aguirre

06/06/2023  Ayala: Henry Cisneros imagines a 'cathedral of trees' in a South Side arboretum [Read more...] 

By: Elaine Ayala

05/26/2023  Arboretum backers make case for expansive tree garden in San Antonio [Read more...]

By: Shari Biediger

05/24/2023  Arboretum of San Antonio is branching out for success [Read more...]        

By: Sue Calberg

05/23/2023  Commentary: An arboretum to celebrate San Antonio’s trees, our living history [Read more...]

By: Henry Cisneros, Tom Corser

11/28/2022  Former San Antonio mayor to convert Southside golf course into arboretum [Read more...]

By: Steven Santana

10/17/2021  2022 bond can help San Antonio add to treasury of open spaces with arboretum  [Read more...]

By: Henry Cisneros

05/30/2019  Bexar County Explores Partnership for Arboretum on South Side [Read more...]

By: Iris Dimmick


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